Teaching and Support

I am highly experienced and qualified to run a variety of certificated
courses, including Angelic Reiki workshops and Animal Reiki Workshops from
level one to Master Teacher and Lemurian Crystal training from Attunement
to Teacher.

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for any other enquires please call: +44 (0) 7950 985 799

Angelic Reiki Level 1 to Masters

My Angelic Reiki workshops cover levels 1 - 4 along with professional practitioner 1&2 courses, and tuition to master teacher level.  Workshops take place in Selhurst, Croydon. For course information, to book your place, or simply to find out more about Angelic Reiki workshops, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Healing (Holistic Therapies)

Animal Reiki Healing & EFT Level 1 to Masters

The setting for my Animal Reiki courses is Vauxhall City Farm and three options are available. Level 1 is a certificated course that qualifies you to practice on the animals of friends and family members. Level 2 qualifies you to work on animals in the public sector. Master level empowers you with the knowledge to train other students – all courses can be booked by contacting me on the number provided.

Healing (Holistic Therapies)

Lemurian Crystal Healing level 1 to Teacher

Learn how to use Lemurian Crystals to heal, repair, balance and energise the energy fields of the body. Book a place on this course to learn more about the Lemurian race and the positives of Lemurian seed crystals through various cleansing and healing techniques. This course is from Level 1 to Teacher and requires you to complete Modules at each level, this is required to receive attunements, integrate the energy, and heal at each stage. You will also be required to complete case studies. On completion of the course and case studies you will be given a certificate which is insurable and allows you to practice on the public. To secure a place all you have to do is book online, remembering to provide your address, email and mobile phone number.

Healing (Holistic Therapies)

Healing Development Group

This is the support and practice group for healers and therapists. It’s a monthly open group for all levels of students and anyone working in the healing field. People attend this course to ask questions, support each other and discover new ways to use their skills as they develop. You can find out more about the healing development circle's at a choice of venues in London and Surrey by contacting Lorna, or simply leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



A support group for INDIGO, CRYSTAL, STAR AND

RAINBOW CHILDREN and their parents

(children with special gifts of mediumship, psychic and healing abilities).

      Sessions for Children only 

      Sessions for Parents only 

      One to one Family Sessions

      Group Family Sessions

Are available please let me know your preference and times.


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