Energy healing helps a variety of emotional and mental issues, re-balancing the whole person, including the mind, body, spirit and emotions. I use multiple techniques and tailor healing and holistic therapies to individual needs, specializing in the areas listed below.

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1/2 hour session £35.00 or 1 hour session £55.00


34-68 Colombo Street, London. SE1 8DP


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Tuesday's at TBS, 67 High Street Thornton Heath, Croydon, CR7 8RY

To book Telephone  020 8689 9177 or 

Lorna's mobile 07950 985 799

 Tuesday evening monthly at Wimbledon, The Quaker Meeting House, 40 Spencer Hil Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4EL  Healing or one 2 one support from 7.00 pm to 9.30. pm  .Lorna's mobile 07950 985 799


Angelic Reiki Master

I work either hands-on or hands away from the body, channelling energy and using Angelic Reiki as a complete healing tool. This excellent form of healing targets root causes of issues, addressing physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and past lives areas, it balances the body and makes it easier for you to cope with personal, past and present problems.

Teaching & Support

Animal Reiki Master

Based around traditional Reiki methods and including elements of Angelic Healing, Animal Reiki is perfect for emotional and behavioural issues, helping with a host of problems such as loss or bereavement, recovery from abuse or going to and recovering from surgery. I work with animals, preferably in their own environment to help them feel more relaxed.

Teaching & Support

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is a simple but very effective energy healing technique, suitable for adults, children and animals. During this therapy I lightly tap certain points sending small pulses into your energy system - this re-energizes the body, and helps to clear negative blockages. This technique can be used on its own or with a combination of the other therapies I provide, please call me for further details.

Energy Cone Technique (ECT)

I practice ECT as a meridian energy therapy - it is particularly effective for trauma in the body, helping to release blockages and the pain of past suffering.  During this treatment I work on my client’s hand to connect with the energy cone, by doing this I can tap into the craniosacral fluid rhythm, which runs from the base of the spine to the brain, gently releasing blockages and trauma trapped within the body. Please contact me to make an appointment. 

Kundalini Reiki Master

As an experienced Kundalini Reiki Master I am able to open healing channels and gain access to chakras, I connect to the Earth’s energy systems and provide healing and self-development, whilst strengthening specific channels within the body. Kundalini Reiki covers all energy channels including Balance All, Diamond, Crystalline, Past Life, Location, Birth Trauma and DNA Reiki.

Lemurian Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for healing purposes for many years. I am an experienced practitioner specialising in Lemurian Crystal Healing, this is highly effective for healing, repairing, balancing and energising the energy fields within the body thus speeding up the healing process. I connect with Lemurian Seed crystals to complete energy work and you can visit me or I will come to you to carry out the healing.

Teaching & Support

Reiki Drum sound Healing Practitioner

This is a unique and very popular healing technique. Reiki Healing drum therapy is a mixture of Reiki (Usui) and Shamanic medicine drumming, it’s a technique steeped in ancient practices. I carry out healing drum therapy as a practical exercise and combine this with other healing methods, offering solutions tailored to individual needs.

Usui Reiki Practitioner

I am a Usui Reiki practitioner with a passion to teach and help clients and other healers on their journeys and paths in life. I practice and teach Angelic Reiki, Animal Reiki and also specialize in Lemurian Crystal Healing and training, please contact me to book a healing treatment or to find out more about the training I provide.

Low Income

At Breathe London Wellbeing Centre,
Colombo Sports & Community Centre, Waterloo last Friday of every month.
Donation between £8.00 - £15.00 'subject to conditions'

Charity Work

I enjoy doing events that raise money for Charity please contact me with your ideas.

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